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A little about Terri Hardin Jackson.  Terri grew up right here in Southern California. She loved to shop in the thrift stores that used to line Lankershiem Blvd before the new build up.
She remembers visiting her mother working at Rathbun's Dept. Store near the El Portel, and having a hot dog at Wollworth's.   Terri is a Puppeteer, and actress and an artist..She is best known as the Foster Farms Chicken Passenger in those funny TV commercials. Two chickens in a beat up car trying to become Foster farms chickens..she has played the Chicken Passenger for over 17 years..she has also worked in many films. Ghostbusters, Men in Black, The Country Bears to name a few.  An alumni Disney Imagineer and world know artist, she sculpts collectables and maquettes for Disney, Mattel, Nick and for private collectors.  So why Envy Nutrition?  In 2009, Terri was sick and getting older, she met a coach who told her that she was not eating enough and this is why she was gaining weight and sick. Terri is now at her ideal weight and she achieved it through proper nutrition. She realized that proper nutrition is the key to better health and opened Envy Nutrition to help her community get healthy and well.  She serves fast food for Smart people and offers the support you need to get to the goals you desire. The shirts the coaches wear have the slogan " Sometimes all it takes is a Hug."
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