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I am the epitome of a right-brained human being & sometimes I surprise myself by being the complete opposite. I'm a walking contradiction with a big mouth and a good amount of wit. I love the sentimental value in things. I would really like to view the world as glass half-full but if you know too much about what's really going on, it's hard. I am always trying to get to the bottom of things, I am extremely curious, and I've got an opinion on everything. Without music and opinions, I believe we would be destitute. I can dance to any song you put on and I can tell you I have some big dreams. I'm always looking for the comedic viewpoint in things & I tend to joke about a lot, even if I have to step on some toes to do so. I'm quite comfortable with my sexuality & I love femininity. I'm a huge tea drinker and quite the cat lover. Eyebrows tend to rise when I'm around. I love expressing myself through movement-specifically figure skating. I've got a passion for fashion and I find inspiration is everywhere around me. I've got a thirst I cannot seem to quench when it comes to learning; I want to always be soaking up information. Don't you dare say that I'm normal.
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